What I’m doing NOW

You’ll find what Rafy Hossain is working now on this page. The page will be updated this as he takes on new projects and his priorities changes with time.

Long-term Projects
🏨 Working on developing Best Western Plus Diplomat, a concern of Diplomat Hotels and Resorts Ltd.
🚙 Focusing on how to increase sales of our car showrooms when demand for luxury items are at an all time low due to Covid-19.
🏥 Helping Bangladesh by supplying Covid-19 test kits, PCR kits and other important medical supplies to the government and private companies alike.
☪️ Renovating Towhidul ulum Madrasa into a 6th storey building.

Passion Projects
🎙 Uploading 2 episodes of my podcast a week. Solo episodes on Tuesdays and Interviews on Fridays.
🇧🇩 Started a second podcast with Tahmid and we have big plans with this one.
📗 Playing around with a book idea. Starting to organize materials to write a book.
📝 Preparing all paperworks needed so I can give out proper legal advice online.
🎟 I also organize big exhibitions once/twice a year. Planning one for 2021 at the moment.
⁉️ Something exciting is in the works. Will share as soon as it’s out of its alpha stage.

Last updated: August, 2020 by Rafy Hossain.