Towhidul ulum Madrasa and orphanage

Towhidul ulum Madrasa was established after my cousin Towhid passed away from blood cancer in 2006. The institution is the leading Madrasa in Badda and the only orphanage in the area. Towhidul ulum Madrasa has about 100 students currently studying in it, many of them orphans. In the last decade hundreds of students have completed their Hefzul Quran from the institution.

Currently, Towhidul ulum Madrasa provides a few services to the people of Badda. During Eid-ul Fitr, the final year students are available for anyone in Badda who wants to invite them over to their house to lead taraweeh prayers during the month. And during Eid-ul Adha, the institution will send students over to every household in Badda Society to collect their sacrificed animal’s leather. The institution usually collects around 2000 cow’s leather and 200 goat and sheep leather and sells them all together to buyers at a reasonable price. Everyone has a few options regarding this, they can either donate 100% of the proceeds from their animal’s leather sale to the institution which will be used in running the non-profit. Or if they want they can donate some percentage of it and take back the remaining. Another service that’s being provided year round is the students are always available to invite to any household or office for milad and dua pruposes.

As of 2020, the madrasa is being reconstructed and renovated and the new building will be over 6 floors and will house many more students, teachers, courses and lots of space for extra curricular activities.