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The leading Bangladeshi Podcast

Rafy with a Y is the leading Bangladeshi podcast and is one of the first podcasts of Bangladesh. I speak to guests from around the world about tech, business, politics and current affairs. I also dive deep into different topics in solo episodes. Feel free to suggest a topic for future episodes. Are you interested in being a guest in the podcast? Check this out.

Solo Episodes
Solo episodes are my deep dive on topics which are relevant at the moment or any interesting incidents from the past. They’re usually a bit on the shorter side and is extremely well researched. Solo episodes our out every Tuesday.

Interview episodes
Interview episodes will always have a guest who’ll typically be a respected industry leader from around the world. I try to pick their brain about things they know and just have a good time in general. Interview episodes are out every Friday.

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Guests who were on the show

Here are the guests from around the world who have been on the show. They are all amazing minds and very well respected in their fields.
*If you see pictures of guests and can’t find episodes, know that the episode will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

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